Michigan Marine Transport is a full services Boat and RV Transportation Service.

At Michigan Marine Transport we match you with the industries best Transport providers Nationwide.

From Big Boats to Small Boats and any size 5th Wheel, Travel Trailer, Horse Trailer, and Cargo Trailers. We do it all.

We use only 100% DOT Compliant Carriers with a minimum of $1,000,000.00 liability and $100,000.00 Cargo Insurance. All of our carriers have up to date equipment to ensure quick and reliable service, NO BREAKDOWNS!!

All of our carriers have a minimum of 3yrs experience in Boat and RV transportation.

At Michigan Marine Transport we leave nothing up to chance. The safe and prompt delivery of your Boat or RV is number one on our list. From start to finish we're nothing but business.

Michigan Marine Transport dedicates its self to a broad range of clientele to include:

Boat with truck

Don't be suckered by ILLEGAL Trucking sites and carriers.

They might be cheaper but you really don't want your boat or RV setting on a scale house 500 miles from home wondering where it is. If an Illegal transporter gets caught at a scale house or even on the road, they will receive a stiff fine and moved along. YOUR property stays PUT!! Who do you think will have to pay the IMPOUND fee, STORAGE fee, and TOWING fee?? That's right, YOU!! Then you will have to hire a LEGAL service provider before the DOT will allow it to be moved. In other words, your cheap shipping fee's just got BIGGER!!!

With Michigan Marine Transport you don't have to worry about any of that. We are a one stop, door to door, no worries, no hassles company.

5th Wheel Trailer is not in the best of condition? So What!
Lights don't work? Big Deal
No plates? No Sweat.

We handle it all!!!!!

Give us a call or use our Shipping Calculator for a quick and reliable, no hidden fee's quote. Then set back and relax with the knowledge of knowing you're in great hands.